Argentina’s development agenda cannot be thought of without a broad gender perspective. Public policies have distributive effects and affect people differently according to their gender. Gender mainstreaming has transformed the design and planning of policies that promote gender equality.

In recent years, areas dedicated to gender mainstreaming have flourished at different levels of government and have had the historic opportunity to produce public policy to reduce, combat and make visible gender inequalities and injustices. On this path, the challenge is to create and strengthen institutional capacities.

This requires accepting institutions and public policies are gender biased and using gender perspective to highlight and reduce inequalities.

We work to strengthen gender mainstreaming in public policy. We produce evidence for the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies. And seek to strengthen feminist capacities in the State.

The development of Argentina will be from a gender perspective or else.


María de las Nieves Puglia holds a BA in sociology from Salvador University and an MA in social anthropology from the Interdisciplinary School of Higher Social Studies at the National University of San Martín, where she now teaches graduate and postgraduate courses.
Juan Martín Argoitia holds a BA in international studies and is pursuing an MSc in applied economics from Torcuato Di Tella University.
Celina Santellán holds a BA in Economics (UBA) and is an MA candidate in Public Policy (UTDT).
Daniela Schneider holds a BA in Sociology (UBA) and specializes in gender and public policy.
Ximena de la Fuente has a degree in Sociology (UBA) and a Master's degree in Social Policy and Economic Sociology.