Promote welfare

Since the 1950s, Argentina’s welfare state has revolved around social protection and inclusion: free public health care, free public university education, a social security system, and social development networks are all sources of pride for the country. Argentina has a history of public policies that respond to basic needs while serving as a vehicle for social mobility. We have strong labor unions and social organizations that uphold a tradition of popular organization. In recent years, Argentina became one of the first countries in Latin America to pass laws on issues such as the voluntary interruption of pregnancy and gender identity. In short, throughout its history, Argentinian society has found a variety of ways to start the engine for social inclusion, but now we need to keep it running. The pursuit of inclusion sets us apart as a country and is the foundation on which we need to build the future. The members of the Fundar team are a product of this system, and our mission is to preserve and update it by designing inclusive public policies on critical issues, such as social and health policies, gender, and new labor rights, in a context of new forms of production. These policies must be sustainable over time: planning for protection and inclusion in the future is essential to moving beyond today’s pressing needs.