Generate wealth

Wealth generation is step zero in a sustainable, inclusive development model. It is an essential part of building a lasting social protection system that gets better over time. Wealth generation is also vital if the state is to finance its own transformation and continue this process. Argentina has not experienced sustained growth for more than a decade. Despite recent ups and downs in GDP and other economic indicators, it has been a long time since development and economic growth have appeared alongside one another on the horizon. To make them a reality, we need to design evidence- and research-based policies that look beyond the present. These policies need to focus on productive development in strategic sectors, the socioenvironmental management of the country’s natural resources, and a redesign of the energy matrix. And they need to be rooted in a form of heterodox economic theory that can guide us toward long-term political stability. These factors are key if the country is to grow in the right direction. There are many paths to growth: countries can grow by distributing more wealth or distributing less, through the reprimarization of their economies, or via innovation in science and technology that adds value to their resources. Countries can grow by destroying land and the environment or they can do so in dialogue with the socioenvironmental communities that inhabit productive areas. In short, they can grow by building sovereignty and inclusion or by turning their backs on the future and narrowing their margins of action. At Fundar, we believe that Argentina has the potential to grow and to choose how to go about this. We call this taking a stand. We don’t engage in discussions on whether growth is needed: we are convinced that there is no way forward without it. Our mission is to make strategic contributions that shed light on the best way for Argentina to grow in the 21st century.