Sebastián Ceria,
founder and president of Fundar.

Sebastián Ceria,
founder and president of Fundar.

Fundar’s Origins

Fundar was started to prove a long-held conviction. Argentina is rich in human talent that could create the competitive advantages we need to achieve long-term sustainable development. But the country lacks the opportunities that this talent needs to grow so that it can build the Argentina of the future. Today, these opportunities are not distributed fairly. We dream of a wealthier country, a more egalitarian society, and a state with the capacity to implement ambitious public policies. Fundar was born from the conviction that a better future is possible. We’re working to build this.

A Deeply
Committed Team

More than anything, the people behind Fundar are committed to Argentina and its future. Our position is not neutral: we are taking a stand against the inequality and stagnation that have long plagued Argentina. Although the realities of life here often prompt people to turn to magical thinking or give up hope entirely, we’re daring to think rationally. We believe that a different future is possible, and we’re working to build it.

Santiago Ceria and Sebastián Ceria,
Vice President and President of Fundar.

Santiago Ceria and Sebastián Ceria,
Vice President and President of Fundar.

A modern democracy guarantees equal opportunities. Acknowledging historical inequalities is the first step toward repairing them and building a more inclusive society.

Our Values

True collective progress is only possible if it is rooted in development and equality. The state plays a strategic role in providing social protection, regulating economic forces, and planning policies that promote welfare for all. Democracy involves more than just voting every two years. For a government to be inclusive and representative, civil society needs to play an active role in public affairs. We are passionate about the exchange of ideas. We believe that disagreement drives creativity but are convinced that hate speech is unacceptable in the public sphere.  Diversity is essential if modern societies are to keep moving forward.

Three Missions
for Argentina

We are working toward inclusive, sustainable development for Argentina. This quest translates into three missions:

Our Role

We hope to influence the running of public affairs by putting forward ideas that are firmly grounded in research and evidence three roles:

Applied Research

We produce and publish knowledge to bring academic research closer to the public conversation on Argentina’s core development issues.

Technical Assistance

We design and promote public policies based on statistical models and machine learning, the comparative method, and applied research.

Public Advocacy

We promote and intervene in the debates on the public agenda to raise awareness, add willpower and improve the quality of the conversation on the central issues of Argentina’s development.

Martín Reydó,
Executive Director of Fundar.

Our work on public policies and public administration seeks to further development and equality in Argentina.

Where We’re Headed

We hope to contribute an informed voice to public debate and promote interaction between academics and key public and private stakeholders from Argentina and beyond. We focus on the core issues that Argentine society needs to address to find a path to development with equality. We are drawing on ideas at the cutting edge of local and global knowledge to build an innovative, sustainable future—ideas through which we can understand and transform the reality in which we live. Our projects improve public-sector decision-making processes and strengthen channels of dialogue with the private sector. We believe that the political unrest that characterizes Argentinian society is a unique advantage, but to become the best version of itself, it needs to be channeled through institutions.
Our work on public policies and public administration seeks to further development and equality in Argentina.

Join our network and become part of what we do

Generar riqueza

La Argentina tiene el potencial de crecer y de elegir cómo hacerlo. Sin crecimiento, no hay futuro. Hacemos aportes para definir cuál es la mejor manera de crecer para la Argentina del siglo XXI.

Promover el bienestar

El Estado de Bienestar argentino abarca un modelo de protección social distintivo en la región. Trabajamos para actualizar y fortalecer ese modelo con políticas que sean sustentables y tengan perspectiva de género.

Transformar el Estado

Transformar la Argentina es también transformar el Estado. Buscamos fortalecer las capacidades estatales para lograr una mejora continua en las políticas públicas.

Generate Wealth

Argentina has the potential to grow and must choose the path it wishes to follow to do so. Without growth, there is no future. Fundar’s work seeks to reveal the best way for Argentina to grow in the 21st century.

Promote Welfare

Argentina’s welfare state is rooted in a social protection model that provides broad coverage. We need to update and strengthen this model through sustainable policies.

Transform the State

To transform Argentina, we need to transform the state itself. We seek to strengthen state capacities to bring about continuous improvements to public policies.