Subnational Gender Equality Index

In recent years, gender inequality has gained unprecedented visibility on the public stage. Today, envisioning the nation’s development or devising plans without considering parity as a fundamental goal is inconceivable. However, tackling this complex and multifaceted phenomenon poses significant challenges within the realm of public policy.

Despite its undeniable relevance and the potential to impact the entire population, identifying comprehensive measurements that encompass various facets of gender inequality and span all jurisdictions of the country is challenging.

To address this challenge, we have developed a Subnational Gender Equality Index (ISIG), an initiative designed to chart gender disparities across decision-making, political representation, education, opportunities, health, protection, work, and income within the country’s 24 jurisdictions.

This index harmonizes this range of indicators into a cohesive framework, offering a comprehensive snapshot of each province’s current status. In navigating this challenge, we asked ourselves the following question: where should public policy efforts be urgently directed? To address this, we’ve crafted a map that serves as a rapid tool for pinpointing areas in need of immediate attention and intervention.