Core Components of Innovation in Argentinian Agricultural Biotechnology

Argentina is currently facing a two-fold challenge as it seeks to diversify its production structure while also making its economy more sustainable. Promoting agricultural biotechnology could help meet both of these challenges by generating knowledge-intensive firms and exports and providing inputs and developments that help Argentina prepare to take on the new global challenges facing agriculture, in a context of growing demand for food and limits on the availability of resources due to the consequences of climate change.

The production and innovation capacities of agricultural biotechnology companies in Argentina were discussed in Agricultural Biotechnology in Argentina, while this document analyzes the factors that explain and determine these capacities.

Working from a systemic perspective that highlights the importance of the linkages between different stakeholders, institutions, and regulations within the innovation process, it suggests that this is determined by four core components: scientific-technological capabilities, the quality of linkages between stakeholders in the system, regulatory capabilities, and promotion and financing policies.


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