Production planning

In recent years, the notion of production planning has re-emerged worldwide as a consequence of growing technology disputes and great challenges posed by global warming, among other factors.

Argentina has the opportunity to move towards sustainable economic and social development. The energy transition, the growing demand for sustainability and the Industry 4.0 paradigm shift will require goods and services in which our country has great potential. These demands will pull on various clusters including natural resources, industry and the knowledge economy. 

What does this mean? Transforming the productive matrix by planning a long-term strategy to increase economic growth, create jobs and reduce poverty and environmental impact.  

We work to generate consensus and create the necessary conditions to transform the production matrix and make progress towards a virtuous circle of development. How? We make public policy proposals with an integral perspective, focused on the interdependency between production and manufacturing clusters and their contribution to national development. We carry out rigorous diagnoses in collaboration with different actors (ranging from industry, academia, politics and civil society). 

Despite the challenges of development our country has faced in recent decades, we believe it is possible to turn things around. Argentina has the means to build a more prosperous, fair, inclusive and sustainable country.


PhD in Sociology from the Institute of Higher Social Studies of the University of San Martin (IDAES-UNSAM) and MA in Economic Sociology from the same university.