Executive Team

At Fundar, we come up with public policy proposals to build a more sustainable, inclusive Argentina. To achieve this, the executive team engages in strategic planning for the entire organization. We decide Fundar’s position on key issues and identify opportunities for action and collaboration that align with its mission statement.

We provide support for Fundar’s different areas and teams and manage and monitor its human resources.


Martín Reydó holds a history degree from the University of Buenos Aires and an MA in political science from Torcuato Di Tella University.
Juliana Arellano holds a BA in political science and a postgraduate certificate in political science from the University of Buenos Aires, where she is pursuing an MA in social intervention and where she also teaches.
Ismael Cassini holds a BA in international studies and is pursuing an MSc in political science from Torcuato Di Tella University.
María José Rebolino holds a BA in business administration and an MA in human resource management from the University of Buenos Aires. She has over ten years’ experience in human resources in the private sector, where she acquired expertise at a range of roles.
Melina Rodríguez has extensive administrative experience, particularly in procurement and contracting. Her career has focused on civil society organizations.
Ana Julia Aneise holds a BA in economics (UBA) and is currently pursuing an MA in the economics and law of climate change (FLACSO). Her research focuses on the design of policies for a fair transition to a sustainable, low-carbon development model.