Argentina has not experienced growth for more than a decade. During this time, inflation has risen to levels that are incompatible with any form of development. Stabilizing the economy is essential if the country is to return to growth.

We believe that Argentina can find a consistent, responsible path to growth by distributing costs progressively and carefully laying the foundations for achieving its medium- and long-term objectives.

We are developing guidelines to stabilize the economy. How? Through proposals to build a sustainable macroeconomy: fiscal, monetary, and exchange rate policies, the promotion of tradable supply, and a profound exploration of Argentina’s dual-currency economy.

Agreements and consensus are the keys to clearing obstacles from the path to development so that we can grow as a nation. 


Guido Zack holds a PhD in economic analysis from the universities of Alcalá and Complutense de Madrid and a degree in economics from the UBA. He specializes in economic policy, macroeconomics and international economics.