Argentina has not grown for over a decade. During this period, inflation has risen to levels that are incompatible with any development process. To return to the path to growth, achieving financial stability and reforming certain aspects of the economy are necessary conditions.

We believe a consistent and responsible strategy is possible, one that gradually writes off the cost of the process and lays the foundations to achieve medium and long-term objectives.

We work on guidelines to reach stabilization and make structural improvements in the Argentine economy. We make proposals from a heterodox standpoint to build a sustainable macroeconomy, based on fiscal, tax, monetary and exchange policies, encouraging local tradable supply and addressing the dual-currency nature of our economy.

Consensus is the key to unlocking the development path that will enable us to grow as a Nation.



Guido Zack holds a PhD in economic analysis from the universities of Alcalá and Complutense de Madrid and a degree in economics from the UBA. He specializes in economic policy, macroeconomics and international economics.
Tomás Canosa holds a degree in Economics from the UBA and a Master's degree in International Economics and Economic Development from the HTW-Berlin. He served as Undersecretary for SMEs at the Ministry of Economy.
Pablo de la Vega holds a BA and MA in Economics from the UNLP. His areas of interest include economic development, the future of work, inequality and climate change.
Emiliano Libman holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is an Assistant Researcher at CONICET and was Director of the Unit for Technical Relations with the IMF at the National Ministry of Economy.
María Fernanda Villafañe holds a BA in Economics from the UNaM and an MA in Economics from the UNLP. Her areas of interest include macroeconomics, sustainable development and public policy.
Micaela Fernández Erlauer holds a degree in economics from the UBA and is pursuing an MA in Public Policy Design and Evaluation at the National University of San Martín.