In Democracy, We All Converge On the Same Choice

In democracy, we all choose the same thing: we choose to sing whatever we want, we choose to speak freely about what is happening, we choose to tolerate everything except intolerance. 40 years later, we all choose the same thing: to continue living in democracy.

Illustration: REP

In the context of the 40th anniversary of the restoration of democracy in Argentina, Fundar, alongside influential personalities from various fields, articulates a collective belief and the shared decision of Argentinians: to continue living in democracy.

This video commemorates the democratic pact that has steered Argentina over the past four decades—a pact renewed every day. Various personalities from different fields have chosen to amplify the voice of the diverse and tolerant society we have painstakingly built.  Values such as “choosing to live and coexist in peace,” “opting for competition devoid of animosity,” “refusing to forget,” “embracing tolerance while rejecting intolerance,” and “narrating events freely” form the core of this harmonious narrative.

“In Democracy We All Converge On The Same Choice: To Continue Living in Democracy” aims to be much more than a campaign. It is a collective action and a poignant reminder that, despite our differences, we share the conviction that democracy is the way to build a brighter future.

The piece takes up the ideas expressed in the press release “Democracy can only be strengthened with more democracy”, signed by 27 Argentine civil society organizations, vindicating the pact and democratic practices.

The protagonists of the campaign include Hernan Casciari, writer and editor; Marta Minujín, artist; León Arslanián and Ricardo Gil Lavedra, legal scholars; Raquel Chan, scientist; Emilio Tenti Fanfani, sociologist of education; Nora Cortiñas, human rights advocate; Cristian Alarcón, journalist and writer; LA QUEEN, artist; Santiago Mitre, filmmaker; Sergio Cachito Vigil, sports referent; Claudia Piñeiro, writer; Aymara Choque, voice of the native community; Rabbi Rosenberg, Pastor Osvaldo Carnival and Bishop Gustavo Carrara, religious representatives; Valeria Lois, actress; Mercedes Pombo and Santiago Siri, technology entrepreneurs; and Mario Feroldi, former Malvinas combatant.

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