The road towards electromobility

The transition towards electric mobility has accelerated globally over the last decade. Beyond the pace of its future evolution and the uncertainty regarding the different possible alternatives to replace combustion cars, the change seems already difficult to stop and poses enormous challenges. Particularly for those countries, such as Argentina, which have an important local automotive industry based on traditional technologies, the transition to electromobility represents an opportunity to make a ‘leap to green development’. But, so far, the transition to electromobility in the region is still very incipient. The opportunity to join these chains requires both the implementation of specific industrial policies and the consideration of the structural characteristics that position each country differently to face the challenges imposed by the global market. As a lithium producer, Argentina also raises debates about the local manufacture of batteries and cells for electric cars. But the factors that determine the success of this production go beyond the presence of the input, and Argentina is a late entrant in an advanced technological race that requires significant R&D efforts. This series explores the local situation and the possible paths to take to promote the electromobility industry in Argentina.