Productive opportunities for the City of Córdoba: an approach grounded on Economic Complexity

Although the province has developed productive capacities that distinguish it from other regions in the country, it is falling behind the global and national averages in terms of complexity. Without a shift in trajectory, it risks losing competitiveness in the evolving economic landscape.

To avert this scenario and propel Córdoba towards sustained development, it is imperative to advocate for productive development policies that disrupt the current state of inertia.

The Economic Complexity approach emerges as a valuable tool, leveraging existing data on present-day production to formulate a tangible blueprint for future growth. This method provides a roadmap that pinpoints sectors capable of stimulating the economy based on its current capabilities, which are measured in terms of the goods it exports.

It identifies existing sectors that need to be strengthened and modernized, as well as strategic sectors still far and excluded from Cordoba’s productive matrix which have the potential to make a significant contribution to the province’s development.