Public Health

Through our work, we help develop policies that seek to build a more coordinated, better-integrated health system that guarantees everyone in the country timely, effective, equitable access to care regardless of where they live, their economic status, gender, or ethnicity.

To achieve this, our work is organized into two core areas. The first seeks to promote an informed public policy dialogue between stakeholders from the public sector, the social insurance sector, and the private insurance sector. This is grounded in research and implementation initiatives on strategic issues that improve the regulatory coordination of the system and responsible resource allocation and management.

Our second core area focuses on strengthening the management capacities of local and subnational health systems, as a space for articulating coverage, with a particular emphasis on strengthening healthcare networks, prioritizing critical interventions throughout people’s lives, and promoting a more integrated view of the human talent employed in the sector.

Without losing sight of the current context, in which much of the focus is on defeating COVID-19, we aim to put forward ideas for the medium and long term, generating evidence, supporting decision makers by providing technical assistance, and advocating for the inclusion of strategic issues in discussions around the health sector agenda.



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